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English to Amharic Typing

Welcome back to the blog, here on this website we share an amazing online tool by which you can convert English to Amharic typing texts within an interval of time span. Let's learn a few more things about the tool before scroll down to the point, This website is designed to help the viewers who don't know any other language than English, or find it hard to learn extra communicational languages for the conversation. With the touch of this convertor, anybody can easily translate the whole English story into their desired language Amharic. People of the country Ethiopia have announced Amharic as their official language a long ago, majority of the country follows the same tradition while some minorities have a couple of other languages also. But none of them can beat the score of Amharic speakers within the country.

How to use this English to Amharic text converter

To understand the tool more briefly you should follow up these quick steps, these steps are mentioned in a list and you have to follow them accordingly. Nothing to worry about, you'll get to know the working process while you move to the further steps on your own.

But before that, you might need to read some instructions or the guidelines which you must have to follow. These bullet points are meant to help the viewers to understand the rules.

The very first thing you should need to do is keep the working Internet connection because you can't enjoy the services offline.
The second thing you should do is write on your own, you can paste anything in the available text area.
Wait for a while after writing the words to let the tool finish its job.

Let's begin with the action, where to start and how you're going to get results through this English to Amharic typing tool.

  • Click on the "write here" text box to start writing the words.

  • Make sure you have chosen the correct language to convert.

  • You'll see the changes along with the writing orders, you write one word and it will be automatically converted to the other language.

  • There's no need to add any commands, the tool will gather the word and do the job on its own.

  • This is how you can convert the whole sentences, or even the big paragraphs, writing words one after one.

Type in the Amharic Language

You still might have doubts about how the text is going to convert from English to the Amharic language, so here's the example text. Take an overview look over the demo and you'll understand the output. The texts you're going to write in the black space will look like this; -- and the result will be delivered as --. This tool will convert your English (inidemini āderiki) into the Amharic (እንደምን አደርክ) and the fact is, you don't have to apply any command here. There's no translate button, or action command to bother you every time you write something, the tool will automatically scan the texts and perform the desired action according to your needs.

If you're looking to get output in any other language, then you can change the settings from the top menu and get back to some other languages. There are plenty of more languages available in this tool that are available openly for everyone to translate the texts.

Examples of Amharic Typing

iwedihalehu. - እወድሃለሁ.

mini taderigalehi? - ምን ታደርጋለህ?

siletegenanyeni desi bilonyali. - ስለተገናኘን ደስ ብሎኛል.

melikami guzo - መልካም ጉዞ

kezīhi befīti tegenanyeni? - ከዚህ በፊት ተገናኘን?

dinik’i! silagaru inameseginaleni - ድንቅስላጋሩ እናመሰግናለን።

gīzē yelenyimi - ጊዜ የለኝም

yik’irita  yanini āliyazikumi? - ይቅርታ  ያንን አልያዝኩም?

āribi k’et’ero līset’enyi yichilali? - አርብ ቀጠሮ ሊሰጠኝ ይችላል?

yesiliki k’ut’irihi minidini newi? - የስልክ ቁጥርህ ምንድን ነው?

tereditehānyali? - ተረድተሀኛል?

nege āmeshashu le’irisiwo tesimamī yihoni? - ነገ አመሻሹ ለእርስዎ ተስማሚ ይሆን?

ibakiwoni yanini medigemi yichilalu? - እባክዎን ያንን መድገም ይችላሉ?

liredahi yemichilewi negeri āle? - ልረዳህ የምችለው ነገር አለ?

gīzēyēni tabakinalehi - ጊዜዬን ታባክናለህ።

Importance of Amharic typing

Ethiopia has a great history and from a very long period, they're settled to the language Amharic. Even though, they have announced it as their official language for business purposes and government duties. There are a few more languages available in the state, but the minorities have only a few percentages from the total strength. Including some regions of Africa, there are the majority of speakers who still use the language Amharic for the constitutional work but for the routine, they prefer some other languages, according to their region.

In conclusion, you don't have to learn the language quite well but still, if you're planning to face something confidential or government-related chaos, then you should have to learn the Amharic language for sure.

The best part of this language is that you don't have to worry about syllables, the vocabulary itself has a great impression on the conversation.

History of Amharic Typing

Amharic is considered as the holy language for their speakers, it has been in the existence since the 12th century. Many changes took place in between the process of finalizing Amharic as the official language of Ethiopia. It wasn't in written form until the 19th century, later on, many experts started to take this language forward and introduced it to the open public. Ethiopia made this very clear that they'll use this language for all paper works, including government work, international trading, or religious purposes.

If we talk about the ancestors, it belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family where many child languages are formed and distributed among various parts of the country.

There are almost 32 million native speakers of this language, whereas, more than 12 million have chosen it as their second language. You will not find many populations in any other country or state, as the language is limited for the nearby surroundings and it's hard for a culture to totally shift to the Amharic language.

The written form of this language is a bit new for the outside, who has never been outside from the US or European estates. But the tactics are quite the same, it goes from left to right direction, has some grammar rules, and puts respect for genders. It has 33 letters in the alphabet, with seven vowels, and the case of a sentence will depend on the proper use of principles. In 1879, the first book was published which includes all the rules and principles of writing the Amharic language.


What's the accuracy rate of this English to Amharic typing tool?

There is no actual meter, but all we can guarantee is that no other tool can provide you these accurate results as our tool. Our tool is based on Google's translator API which is one of the finest online translation services.

Why do we use this tool and what's so special here?

It's all free and you can convert your texts online, you don't have to download any application for the services. As it's free, you don't need to register or pay for any subscription plans.

Is it safe to use the converter?

Yes, we don't store any data on our servers. If still, you're in the doubt, you can erase the history just by clicking on the Reset button available next to the other action buttons of the tool. It will simply clear the text from everywhere with one click.


So in the end we just want you to wishes well for future updates, and thanks for visiting our website and enjoying the services. If any of you have doubts, or questions related to this tool, feel free to drop the words to us. It will be a great experience for us to listen to the valuable feedbacks of our viewers. Also Read: English To Chinese Typing