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English to Arabic Typing

Hello folks! Are you looking for some tools which can convert your English to Arabic typing? Then you're at the right place. Here we have a special tool for you that can help you in converting your English texts to the Arabic language without any issues. The vocabulary and sense of the sentence will remain the same as you write in English. You need this kind of tool to learn other languages for better communication skills or while texting your Arab friends. We all know that English has more speakers but for Arab countries, their priority directly goes to the Arabic language. Therefore, you can rely on English all the time and must have some knowledge about the Arab languages.

How to use this English to Arabic text converter

To know about the working process of this tool, you should follow these easy steps and learn all about this amazing website and available services. On priority, this webpage focus on converting your English text to Arabic text only but on the top menu, you'll find several other languages and relevant links. Without wasting any more minutes, let's take a look over the steps.

  • Continue scrolling to the below area and you'll get a blank space to write texts.

  • Start writing your English words in there and you'll see that the texts are getting converted along with your writing speed.

  • You can convert as many texts as you want, there are no such limits on anything.

  • Make sure that you're waiting for the previous text to get converted before proceeding to the further words.

  • Rest is all up to you, there are no more steps to be followed.

Type in the Arabic Language

This tool has many more amazing features which can literally make you fall for it. Let's begin with some routine job options which you must need to make this tool handy for yourself. You don't have to learn anything except for tutorials on this website, you can translate your texts even though you don't know how to write in the Arabic language.
The texts will be automatically generated with an exact meaning and vocabulary as you write in major English. Here's the text of before and after effects to give you an idea about the results.
You write your sentence like this; "Kaeef halak" and it will be converted into the Arabic language "كيف حالك" with the same meaning and tone. I hope this is enough explanation about how you should write in Arabic typing with this online tool.

Key Features

I've mentioned a couple of times that the tool has some bizarre features which aren't available on any other platform. You can count on instant services, free subscriptions, or handy options.

Online Tool

You don't have to download any app for this, the website can do all the jobs on the online website and deliver you the same experience of an application.

Copy, Paste & Erase

You'll get buttons to perform small operations like if you want to copy the whole output in one click, there's a button available for the job. Also, when you're done with the work you can erase all the traces with a single click.

Examples of Arabic Typing

Sabah el khair - صباح إل خير

Kam ath-thaman - كم تحتهما

hal TaTaKalam alanglizia - هل تتكلم الأنجليزية

takallam bibuṭ' min fadlak/ik - تكلم ببطء من فضلك

ana La ataKalam El Aarabya - أنا لا أتكلم إل عربية

kul 'am wa antum bekheir - كل عام و أنت بخير

Hal yomkanany El qayada hona - هل يمكنني إل قيادة هنا

Ma mehnatuk? - ما مهنتك؟

Hal howa aamen/khatar - هل هو أمن/خاطر

Adrusu allughah al arabia - أدرس اللغة العربية

Sa arje’o halan - سأرجع حالا

aHtaj ela Tabib - أحتاج إلى طبيب

Ayna Al Hamam - أين أل حمام

Ayna aqrab Saraf aalee - أين أقرب صرف الي

Ayna aqrab Karaj/maHatet banseen - أين أقرب كراج/محطة بنزين

Importance of Arabic typing

Arab counties like Dubai, Iraq, Kuwait, many more have announced the Arabic language as their prior language. You should need to learn the language if you're planning for a vacation trip or have friends from Arab states. This way you can improve your communication skills and let the other person thinks that you know a worthy amount of the culture. By these simple tactics, you could save a lot of bucks and avoid being ripped with higher rates or from false promises.
If you can convert the English to Arabic typing then you could copy the texts and send them to your virtual friends, rush for some cheap deals for a hotel stay, or on fluctuating flight prices. As we all know, the public has more access to things than a tourist.

History of Arabic Typing

The first appearance of Arabic came into the 1st to 4th centuries CE, it is now more than 1500+ years old and likely to be adopted by many countries. It was inspired by the nomadic tribes, as they used to speak this language in the northwestern Peninsula. Matter of fact, the word "Arab" stands for "nomadic" itself and tells us the history. Arab language was adopted in the southern Arabian regions, the Yemen country is named after many decades.

Arab doesn't share any great history at all, in their holy book Quran, there is almost no record or Arab language existence at that time. This means you can get an idea that the language was not so popular and there were no written scripts to hold the existence.

But now, the Arabic language has more tab 250 million native speakers from 26 countries, they all have announced Arabic as their official language and put all the priority on this single language, whereas, there are more than 200 million speakers with their second-favorite language.

You might have questions, how this language got fame or popularity among the rulers of that time. In that era, most of the rulers of Arab countries were Muslim, although, Islam's script was written in Urdu, which is quite similar to the Arab. The difference which makes Arabic different is that the vocabulary and vocals of this language are adopted from Middle Persian, and Turkish.


Does this tool also have any other language?

Yes, you can go with 20+ languages which are 24x7 available on the website. Just click on the top menu and choose whatever language you prefer and enjoy the converting experience.

Do we have to pay for the translation services?

Not at all, you don't have to burn any bucks here for the services. All the available options are totally free for all of our users, even you don't have to register on the website. You can anonymously enjoy the benefits.

Is it safe on this tool?

Totally safe, you don't have to worry about anything. All the texts you convert will remain to you and your browser, we won't store anything from you. So, be calm about the privacy options.


In the end, all I wanted to say is that this tool is amazing and will never bother you with spamming advertisements or ask for any paid subscription. You should give this tool a chance and know how it works and get your unique users experience. Also Read: English To Greek Typing