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English to Bengali Typing

There are plenty of tools available on the Internet which can convert English to Bengali Typing within seconds. But the things we offer here aren't available in any other tool. We will discuss the features later, now let's know a few things about English & Bengali languages. Bangla, as known as the Bengali language is available in almost every country, whereas Bangladesh holds almost 98% of its population as a native speaker. Apart from this, In India, states including West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam have millions of Bengali speakers.

English might rank on the world chat but Bengali isn't any less in competition, this language plays a significant role among these states and their public. Bengali has scored to almost 230 million active speakers who have Bengali as their primary language, however, 50 million more speakers have Bengali as their secondary language.

That's why we are here introducing this online tool to translate your English to Bengali texts to let them understand your gestures. For this, you don't have to gain any special skills or speaking or technology, the tool will manage all the chaos for you.

How to use this English to Bengali text converter

If you're looking for the process to learn about the instructions of this tool then you're at the right section. Here, we will tell you every step you should follow to use this tool effectively and get highly accurate results. Let's begin with the steps without wasting any more minutes.

  • In the beginning, you must have to reach the below tool. For that, just scroll the screen to the tool.

  • You'll find a box with "Input text here" written in it, click on that.

  • Now you can start writing your words there.

  • The process of writing keywords is; write one word and wait for a while to let the tool scan the previous word.

  • Once the tool gathers the word, it will automatically convert it for you.

  • You don't have to input any command, the tool itself has enough intelligence to work for you.

Type in the Bengali Language

As we mentioned above the tool is very easy to understand, you don't have to make anything complex. All the features are already represented in front of you so that users could find the things at their fingertips. If still, you don't have the clues about how the results are going to be shown the output.

Look at the below text, it's the demo of the before and after effects of this software. You write "Suprabhāta" in the English language, and it will be converted into Bengali, which might look like "সুপ্রভাত". English to Bengali typing tool will convert your texts step by step way, you can't paste the whole paragraph at once and hopes the charm work for you. The algorithms are designed to keep the spam away and only genuine translation will happen.

Also, you'll get some handy options to perform minor operations in the tools. You can copy the whole text with one tap, click on the Copy to Clipboard button and the text will be copied to your clipboard and now you can paste it anywhere you want.

There's also a button to erase the history of software, click on the Erase button to wipe out all the texts you've written recently in the box. This isn't necessary, but for your satisfaction and security reasons, we suggest you do this after translation.

Examples of Bengali Typing

Ami Bangla bolte pari na. - আমি বাংলা বল্টে পরী না।

amake maaf koren - আমাক মাফ কোরেন

Bātharuma kōthāẏa? - বাথরুম কোথায়?

Āpanāra kōna supāriśa āchē? - আপনার কোন সুপারিশ আছে?

Āpani ki āmāra ēkaṭi chabi tulatē pārēna, daẏā karē? - আপনি কি আমার একটি ছবি তুলতে পারেনদয়া করে?

Kemon achen? - কেমন আচেন?

Āmākē ki bimānē ēṭi nē'ōẏāra anumati dē'ōẏā habē? - আমাকে কি বিমানে এটি নেওয়ার অনুমতি দেওয়া হবে?

Āpanāra bhramaṇēra uddēśya ki? - আপনার ভ্রমণের উদ্দেশ্য কি?

Āpani ki āmākē ṭibhi byabahāra karatē dēkhātē pārēna? - আপনি কি আমাকে টিভি ব্যবহার করতে দেখাতে পারেন?

Āpanāra ki kōna nirāmiṣa khābāra āchē? - আপনার কি কোন নিরামিষ খাবার আছে?

Abar dekha hobe - আবর দেখা হোবে

Āmi yā ādēśa karēchi tā naẏa. - আমি যা আদেশ করেছি তা নয়।

ami jani na - আমি জানি না

tumi kì amake shahajjo korte parbe? - তুমি কী আমাকে সাহায্য করতে পারবে

Āpani ki āmākē chāṛa ditē pārēna? - আপনি কি আমাকে ছাড় দিতে পারেন?

Importance of Bengali typing

If you're living in countries from UAE, USA, or European states then you don't have to rush for Bengali because in those states the level of Bengali speakers is not so great. But if you're native to Asia, or nearby to Bangladesh, you should learn this language for better communication. In Bangladesh, 98% public is connected to the Bengali language and they have made Bengali their official language for everything. Whereas, many states which are close to

Bangladesh also speaks Bengali because it's too sweet to speak. It's fun learning this language because the slang and vocabulary are too sweet to understand, you'll easily get the meanings and fall for the tone.

The words available in the Bengali dictionary are very simple and there is no bitterness to express feelings in this language, it always makes the listener pleasant.

Apart from all these facts, you don't have to pressure yourself to learn any other language if you're good at English. If in any case you ever need some other languages, then our converter tool is always available for you.

History of Bengali Typing

Bengali, or Bangla both are the same, It holds a history of over 1,300 years and covered a lot of regional areas after the formation. Fact says that the Bengali language was formed when the Hindu Brahmins of Bengal were trying to practice Sanskrit but found it complex for the normal public. Later on, they decided to add some properties of other languages and make it more flexible so that the surrounding regions could understand it.


In the 10th century texts, the language seems too harsh and boasted with too many mistakes. The language wasn't static at all, different dialects are using different patterns and principles to write the scripts which seem lost of fair direction for the language.


The characterization of language was started scholars' steps into the collaboration, and starter discussion on what needs to be improved or what kind of changes should be in there. The properties were decided to adopt from Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. But to make sure it says under the line, they've made several other changes in the catalog of literature.


The final change was made between the 19th to 20th centuries, it was focusing on the spoken habits. Writing arrangements were going on the right track but there was a different accent of the public from every region. In modern Bengali, the language borrows the surrounding accent and works on the common phrases to be more polite to all communities.


Is this free or paid?

This software is totally free, you don't have to pay anyone for the services. This website doesn't have any registration page or subscription plan for the viewers. You can anonymously visit the website and convert your texts and leave without dropping any clue.

Does this website have any applications?

No, we don't offer any application of this software, it's an online tool and accessible through this website only. If any service provider claims to be a part of our team, let us know about them.

What's the accuracy rate of this tool?

We don't guarantee 100% accuracy but the fact we are totally sure about is, there's no other free tool available in the market which can beat our level of accuracy.


That's all from our side, hope you guys have enjoyed our posts, as well as the services. If we missed something then drop us an email regarding the issues, we will surely try to assist you as soon as possible. Keep sharing this English to Bengali Typing software with the needy. Also Read: English To Kannada Typing