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English to Greek Typing

In this era of great technology, you don't have to pact with anything on virtual levels. There must be some other alternative, always available for you to do the job. Here, on this website, we are going to introduce you to an amazing converter tool, which is going to help you in converting English to Greek typing language even if you don't know a bit of Greek. According to the facts, there are more than 17 million speakers of the Greek language and it is counted as one of the ancient languages in history.

Countries including Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt hold the maximum strength of Greek speakers, and all these places are listed as the favorite spots for tourists. Every year millions of foreign tourists visit these states and only a few know how to read or write the Greek language. This language is totally independent and based on the Indo-European language families, where only a few are listed as they have a long history and implicit impact on the history.

How to use this English to Greek text converter

There are only a few things you should note about this tool, it has been working for a long time and developed a lot of awesome features which you might need or except a translation tool. This website has an inbuilt tool, which means you don't have to download any application to enjoy the benefits, all the services are available on this very page and work smoothly without any issue. Apart from this, the tool doesn't cost you a single buck for the output, all the services will remain free of cost for everyone. Want to know how this tool works? Follow the mentioned steps.

  • First of all, you have to scroll down to the box where you can write the words.

  • Start writing your sentence, make sure you wait for the word to get converted before you write the other word.

  • The process will continue as one after one word, you can't rapidly write or paste the whole paragraph at once.

  • Also, you don't have to wait for any command or click on any buttons. The tool will automatically scan the texts and work on its own.

  • That's all about the writing and getting output from here.

There are a few more buttons available next to the additional settings of this tool. Let me clarify their operations in case you ever need them.

Copy to Clipboard

You can copy the whole output with just a single click, if you click on the Copy to Clipboard button the results will be copied to your clipboard and now you can paste it anywhere you want.


When you're done with the tool or want to delete the results and start with a fresh board then you can use this button. This will wipe out all your history from the tool and introduce you to a blank sheet for a new start.


Sometimes you need special characters to complete the whole sentence, you can find the native special characters from here and put them into the text area easily.

Type in the Greek Language

Outputs will clear your doubts for sure, so we prefer you to try the tool on your own. If still, you want us to show some explained examples then here's the demo text.

As you write in the input field the words would look like "Kaliméra " and when the software uses its magic it will be converted into "Καλημέρα". This is how your convert will translate your English to Greek typing through this tool.

If you didn't catch any word or it doesn't fit according to your sense, you can backspace and try writing the word again to get an alternate Greek word with minor changes in the vocabulary. Because sometimes some words sound the same and people tend to ignore them while speaking, but in the case of writing, you must have to take care of every inch.

That's why we are suggesting you take a look over the words and suggestions box to make your result more accurate and pact with only genuine verdicts.

Examples of Greek Typing

Poú eínai i antallagí nomismáton? - Πού είναι η ανταλλαγή νομισμάτων;

Tha boroúsa na écho lígo neró? - Θα μπορούσα να έχω λίγο νερό;

Boreís na katéveis lígo? - Μπορείς να κατέβεις λίγο;

Pos se léne? - Πως σε λένε?

Xereis na milas ellinika? - Ξερεις να μιλας ελληνικα?

Boreíte na milísete argá, parakaló? - Μπορείτε να μιλήσετε αργά, παρακαλώ;

Poú boró na páro tis aposkevés mou? - Πού μπορώ να πάρω τις αποσκευές μου;

Tha íthela na kleíso éna díklino domátio gia 2 dianykteréfseis. - Θα ήθελα να κλείσω ένα δίκλινο δωμάτιο για 2 διανυκτερεύσεις.

Ypárchei leoforeío gia tin póli? - Υπάρχει λεωφορείο για την πόλη;

Boreís na me voithíseis? - Μπορείς να με βοηθήσεις?

Ti eínai o kodikós prósvasis Wifi? - Τι είναι ο κωδικός πρόσβασης Wifi;

Póso gia aftó? - Πόσο για αυτό;

Páre me se aftín ti diéfthynsi, se parakaló. - Πάρε με σε αυτήν τη διεύθυνση, σε παρακαλώ.

Den eínai aftó pou paríngeila - Δεν είναι αυτό που παρήγγειλα

Poú eínai to plisiéstero venzinádiko? - Πού είναι το πλησιέστερο βενζινάδικο;

Importance of Greek typing

In any scenario you must have to gain knowledge about the language Greek, the facts say Greek is one of the oldest languages introduced to us on this planet. It's been written a long while back when there was no other language that existed. That's why the glory of this language is totally different from all others, it is derived from the Indo-European regions and handcrafted on ancient walls, scriptures, or stones.

In the modern era, there are not so many great speakers of Greek as it's hard to learn for a new member, but if you're native to Greece, or Egypt you might already know the basics of this language and the power of tongue-speaking.
It is considered as the foundation language of Western culture because after that many new languages are formed and most of them are inspired by Greek. Overall, you can say that the Greek language played a major role in the past and still has a great impact on many languages. If we talk about the strength of speakers, many countries including Greece, Egypt, Cyprus has millions of people who prefer Greek over any other language.

History of Greek Typing

Greek is one of the oldest and most civilized languages among any other, it shares a history of over 3,500 years or more. It belongs to the Indo-European language family, with an independent share of rules. There is much-written evidence found in historical monuments which claim that the language has major meanings and scriptures in Crete.
Today, the Greek might not have a great score of native speakers because it is tough to learn from the beginning if you don't have any belonging to the language. As it was the first language, there were many mistakes and a lack of simplicity in the literature. But still, many places around the globe use the Greek language as their primary source of communication. You can count on Greece or Egypt, they have the maximum number of native speakers, about 15 million in total.

Greek is divided into several stages, but history calls only two main partitions which are Classical Greek and Modern Greek. Here's the difference between the two to understand the evolution of language.

Classical Greek

Western Europe dropped the language Greek as it was hard for their public to understand, so they shift to some other regional languages as per their interests. The language was about to vanish, but a wave reintroduced the Greeks when the migration of Italy happened.

Modern Greek

This is still in position, developed from the Koine Greek script with modification of several times and dialects got strong because the immigrants chose Greek over any other language, as it seems legit to them.


What is the technology behind this English to Greek typing software?

It's based on Google's Translation API but with some modifications done by our developers to assist the viewers in converting their texts with a friendly environment and with a knowledgeable interface.

Is Greek a language or a country?

Greek is a language, commonly known as one of the ancient and first written languages introduced on the planet Earth. Greece is the country, you may have got confused between the two.

Is it free or paid?

It's totally free, there are no hidden charges for any service. Every feature available on this website is free and can be used by any viewer. There are no restrictions or daily limits on the services.


The purpose of this website was to deliver you this awesome tool by which you can convert English to Greek texts with any fee. We hope that our job is done here, if you still have any doubts or relatable query you can drop us an email from the support area. Also Read: English To Nepali Typing