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English to Gujarati Typing

Welcome back to our website, if you're new then here's a quick introduction to the tool. This tool is based on Google's API which will convert your English texts to Gujarati texts even if you don't know how to write in Gujarati alphabets. We all know that English is a common medium of communication but when it comes to talking with close friends you can't always rely on English. If you have Gujarati friends you might need to learn and understand their words for better connections. But if you have this tool on your smartphone, you could simply convert the English to Gujarati typing and amaze them with their local wordings.

Surely this will help you in many more scenarios and you'll be shocked to see the results. If you do know the language then you can check it on your own, the output will be so accurate that nobody could find the difference.

There are many applications available on the Internet but trust me, all of them are packed with a bunch of advertisements and will surely annoy you every second you spend on the app. But, we don't have such cons, we keep our users on the priority and tries to serve you instant results without any delay. If you're interested in this tool then you might need to learn about the working process and how you're going to convert your English texts to the Gujarati language.

English to Gujarati Typing

The steps are as easy as any other app, swipe up to the text area and drop your words.
You can't paste anything there, you must have to write the words on your own.
When you start writing the sentence, you'll notice that the previous word you wrote is now converted into the Gujarati text automatically. This is how you're going to convert the whole sentence, by writing words one after one.

The process is that, when you add the space key after the word, the tool considers it as a command to convert the word you just wrote. So, make sure you're doing this right and if the word doesn't fit as per your needs, you can look for some other alternatives on the top menu bar locations of the tool. There will be some relevant words that fit in your sentences and you can just grab them by clicking on them.

Type in the Gujarati Language

Did you ever use any of these websites? Not yet, then you're missing a lot of great things here. Nowadays, you don't need any application on your device for such work. Because the apps are going to consume your storage memory and float to your screen every time you open your smartphone. But, if you can do all the work online, through a simple website that doesn't have any application, advertisement, or notifications. Isn't this a great offer? Yes, it is.
For this, you just have to write your sentences on the website and the results will be served to you in an instant interval of time. You need to write your words like "Kem cho?" and it will be converted into "કેમ છો?", this is how your English to Gujarati typing is going to work.

I hope you found this step easy because there is nothing extra to add here. Just write the words and the tool will handle the rest of the job for you.

Special Characters

If you're into something serious and need to add some special characters to your conversation, don't be sad. In this tool, you have several commonly used special characters which you can add to your sentences.

Lifetime Freepass

You don't have to pay anyone for any service, this tool is working for profit-less motive and serves all of its features to the visitors for free of cost. Even you won't find any registration or subscription package page on this website.

100% Accurate

Many other websites claim to be the most accurate translator, but I suggest you decide on your own. We don't claim anything, we serve the outputs and let you decide the ratings.

Examples of Gujarati Typing

Hu saro chuu - હું સારું ચૂ

Tame Gujarati bolo cho? - તમે ગુજરાતી બોલો છો?

Hu tamne prem karu chhu. - હું તમને પ્રેમ કરું છું

tamaru naam su chhe? - તમારું નામ સુ છે?

Hun kone sampark karu? - હું કોને સમ્પર્ક કરું?

Java dene yaar jindgi ni to vat lagi gai chhe. - જાવા દેને યાર જિંદગી ની તો વાટ લાગી ગઈ છે

Ketla vaagyaa che? - કેટલા વાગ્યા છે?

Dhandha pani kem chhe? - ધંધા પાની કેમ છે?

Kya naukri karo chho? - ક્યાં નોકરી કરો છો?

Em nai lya, hun tane hamjaavu - ઇમ નાઈ લ્યાહું તને હમજાઉ

Na hu nathi avano. - ના હું નથી અવાનો

kai nai thavanu taru. - કાઈ નાઈ થવાનું તારું

Bas tarat nikdu j chhu. - બસ તરત નિકડું  છું

Jara jorthi bolo. - જરા જોરથી બોલો

Bas bhagvan ni krupa chhe - બસ ભગવાન ની કૃપા છે

Importance of Gujarati typing

There are several languages in India, as per the Gujarat state, their official language is Gujarati and people often use Gujarati in many other states also. Most of the businessman of India once was a part of Gujarat, as their trust begins with the locals more than any other person. However, the Gujarati language also has a great history and beautiful culture which you might love to know about. In India, there are 50+ million speakers of the Gujarati language, from the state Gujarat itself and the nearby minority regions.

Over a fact, if you're living in Gujarat you'll see most of the newspapers, books, or even signboards in Gujarati or English. There are many more things you could do if you're a known speaker of Gujarati or know how to use this English to Gujarati typing. Even though there are many drama shows and books which influence the history of Gujarati, and their lifestyle, you should take a look at them.

History of Gujarati Typing

Gujarati, part of the Indo-Aryan language which is widely popular in the state of Gujarat of India. Where most of the public loves to speak Gujarati and that's why the government of the state has announced the Gujarati language as their official language. Not only in Gujarat, but you can also find some regional areas in Mumbai where people are native speakers of Gujarati. If we talk about the number of native speakers, it will hit the line with scoring 60 million active speakers.

This language is older than 700 years and counting, in these years the language has developed many series of modifications, a few of the major categories are listed into these three parts.

Old Gujarati

It was found in 1200 CE - 1500 CE, earlier it was known by the ancestors of the Rajasthani language also. Because they both sound the same and have hundreds of the same words with the same meaning. It first came in appearance when people started using the Gujarati language for literature purposes in the 12th century.

Middle Gujarati

When it was in use, people suffered from variations in texts and literature. So the experts took off some hard pronouncing words and developed syllables for better communication. The form of writing was also formed at that time.

Modern Gujarati

It was changed a couple of times to make the language easier to understand for a new member, the syllables, variation of texts, and grammatical changes took place. But in the end, around the 19th century the final composition came out and after that, the language was finalized by the experts.


Is Gujarati an International level language?

We can't say that officially, but most of the greatest businessmen of India once lived in the state of Gujarat. And no person could forget his past, that's a sure thing. Many businessmen of India have located their firms and expanded the business on an international level.

Is it a free or paid tool?

This is a free tool, there will be no subscription plans for anyone. You can enjoy all the services for free and we treat all the users equally.

Does this website also have an application?

No, make sure you don't fall for any fake applications. We don't own any application, all of our services are bound on this website only.


This was all about the article "how to convert English to Gujarati typing". Hope you all guys have got what you were looking for, if still, you have any doubt or questions regarding this website. Feel free to ask us, we will be glad to assist in all possible cases. Also Read: English To Oriya Typing