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English to Marathi Typing

Hello folks, as you're aware that this website is designed to assist you with an amazing tool that can convert your English to Marathi typing without having any special skills.

This website is an online tool that can convert your texts to your desired language without any fee or annoying advertisements. Open the tool and get your results, as quickly as eating snacks. Let's brief you with a few more details so you can know this tool better and understand its working.

How to use this English to Marathi text converter

You don't need any additional package here, once you're on the website you will get to know further steps on your own. But still, here is a quick demo process to let the users understand and get the exact result they wished for.

  • Go to the below available tool, and start writing your words in the text area.

  • Be sure that you must add Space after every word you write, and wait for a second to let the tool convert it first before your write any other word.

  • The tool will convert your texts along with your writing time, you don't have to complete the process or anything. It's an ongoing process.

  • Once you're done converting the sentence, copy it to your clipboard.

  • Now, you can paste it anywhere you want.

Example Text - tumcha [Space] svāgat [Space] aso [Space] - तुमचं स्वागत असो

Type in the Marathi Language

About this tool, You can exceed the limit to 2500 words in a single shot whereas you can use this tool as many times as you want. There are no restrictions, in that case, also, you can't paste any third-party paragraphs in here. You must have to write all the words by own for better results.

Apart from this, there are some more essentials you should know; you can add symbols and special characters also to go through the whole sentence at once.

Copy to Clipboard: You can copy the results with one click, tap on the Copy to Clipboard button which is settled just below the text box area. You can copy the text and paste it anywhere you want.

Reset: Once you're done converting, you can simply click on the Reset button to erase all the texts and serve you a new text area for further writing.

Examples of Marathi Typing

Kasa Aahes? - कसा आहास?

aaple naanv kaay? - आपले नांव काय?

Mī ajūna tayāra nāhī. - मी अजून तयार नाही.

Vadani Kawal Gheta - वदनी कवळ घेता

Tumhī mājhyāsāṭhī hē bhāṣāntara karū śakatā kā? - तुम्ही माझ्यासाठी हे भाषांतर करू शकता का?

tumhi ingarji/mraathi bolu shktaa kaay? - तुम्ही इंग्रजी/मराठी बोलू शकता काय?

Mī tulā ghyāyalā yēta āhē. - मी तुला घ्यायला येत आहे.

tumkyaashi bolaaylaa bre vaatle - तुमच्याशी बोलायला बरे वाटले

Malā tumhālā trāsa dyāyacā nāhī. - मला तुम्हाला त्रास द्यायचा नाही.

Bus thāmbā kuțhe āhe? - बस थांबा कुठे आहे?

tumhi mlaa mdt kru shkaal kaay? - तुम्ही मला मदत करू शकाल काय?

mlaa dhumrpaan nisiddh asleli kholi hvi aahe - मला धूम्रपान निषिद्ध असलेली खोली हवी आहे

Mājhaṁ ḍōkaṁ dukhatanya. - माझं डोकं दुखतंय.

tumhi potaapaanyaasaathi kaay udyoga krtaa? - तुम्ही पोटापाण्यासाठी काय उद्योग करता?

tyaalaa mraathit kaay mhntaat? - त्याला मराठीत काय म्हणतात?

Importance of Marathi typing

Marathi is the official language of the state of Maharashtra, most of the civil and commercial notices are announced in Marathi, therefore many new citizens face problems regarding lack of knowledge about Marathi, the government had chosen English as the secondary language for the legal paperwork. But still, at many corners, you will only find Marathi people enjoying their culture and speaking habitant.

The texts you're going to write in this box must be your own, you can paste the content from any other program. Due to security reasons, the tool will never work in that scenario. It will work only if you write the texts on your own and follow the mentioned instructions.

Trust me on not, but only the Marathi language holds 25% of the total population with native speakers. This is way more than any normal language, apart from this, it's in the 19th position in the world because of the speaker's statistics. If you ever visit the Maharastra state of India, we can guarantee that you'll get the majority of Marathi speakers and they love to talk more when they meet someone of their mother tongue.

Despite it isn't hard to learn, even you can easily learn this language within a short time span. Throughout, our tool, English to Marathi typing can also help you in learning the new languages.

When you're writing something new in the box, try remembering it a couple of extra times and it will be printed on your mind because Marathi isn't easy to forget. Also, you'll find several films and drama shows which are worth watching because of their storyline and presentation of Marathi culture. We are not promoting any specific name here, but it's good to go with tv shows.

History of Marathi Typing

Marathi, popular of its other name Maharashtri, the earliest stone inscription was found in the 3rd century BCE. If we compare Marathi with its sister language Sanskrit they both share several dialects and grammatical solutions. The history of the Marathi language is older than 2,300 years, and in this time period, many times came and ruled the various regions of the state.

The oldest book of Marathi language is Vivēkasindhu, which was written by Mukundaraja. In the 13th century, Marathi was used to do poems or for sending messages. As it was more pleasant to hear in this language rather than any other. Many rulers used to shake their hands using the medium of silent communication and won many battles without losing any lives.

In the Sultanate period, when the rulers were Muslims and the tenants or the public were Hindus, it was a bit harsh to collect revenue because of bad communication. That's why the Mughal introduces Marathi as the common language for both parties, so everyone could understand and work as they want them to.

Maratha Empire

In 1630, there was the rule of Persian literature, but as time passed, Maratha Empire got strong, and later in 1677, almost 50% of the population shifted from Persian to Marathi. Which was a great impact to make the public more educated about their own culture and relative language.

Peshwa Period

During the Peshwa period, literature was formed so well that the scholars started to translate notes from other religious books. They've also tried to translate the Mahabharat and the Ramayana in Marathi.


Is this tool-free?

Yes, this tool is free and available for everyone. You don't have to download any application or extension, all the features are available on this same webpage and you can take benefits as many times as you want.

How does this tool work?

We already have mentioned the steps to use this software, and how it works in the above paragraphs. Take a look over it and if you still have doubts, drop us an email.

What's the accuracy rate of this software?

We can't guarantee 100% accuracy but it's pretty close to that percentage. In the market, there is no other free software that could serve you this many features and free services with high accuracy rates than us.


This was fun talking about this tool and it's working, if any of you have doubts you can ask us. Apart from this, any kind of feedback is accepted in our inbox, you can mail us whenever you want, and regards anything relevant to this website. Also Read: English To Punjabi Typing