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English to Nepali Typing

English has one of the largest bases of speakers but still, there are many languages out there that are as popular as English in their native locations. Here, In this post, we are going to discuss the Nepali language of Asia.

Nepal, the place of The Himalayas has a population of millions of people and they prefer Nepali as the official language, as it's their mother tongue.

This tool is going to Convert English to Nepali typing within seconds to deliver you an exact result in the Nepali language, even when you write something in English.

How to use this English to Nepali text converter

I know you're a bit shocked, Let me clear the fog here. This tool is an online text converter that can translate your English texts to Nepali languages even if you don't know how to speak or write Nepali.

  • Controlling this online tool is pretty easy, Just write and convert.

  • Swipe up to the blank space to write your words in there.

  • Once you start writing, keep adding the space as you normally do while texting someone.

  • You'll see the previous word will automatically convert into the Nepali language instantly after adding the space.

  • This is how you can convert long paragraphs and sentences.

Key Features

We don't want to boast you with the same promising features again and again, But here are some genuinely valid options you're going to get along with the tool.

Free Services

Convert your whole dairy and it won't ask you to pay a single buck for the services. You can convert as many texts as you want, there will be daily quota limits for the translations.

Unlimited Word

The word limit is up to 10,000 words which seems unlimited to me because you can't write that many words in one shot. If you're still getting close to the limit, you can open the tool on the other page, and there you'll get a blank box with another 10,000 words limit.

Copy & Erase

You can copy the results with one click from the available Copy to Clipboard button and paste it anywhere you want. After that, you can erase all the text by clicking on Erase option.

Type in the Nepali Language

The vocabulary is inspired by the Sanskrit language, it is influenced by the neighbourhood languages such as Hindi or other Indo-Aryan languages. As the centuries surpass the Nepali has developed both written and speaking body of the language.

Nepali has over 17 million active speakers and writing Nepali is as easy as any other language. It has 36 constants and 12 vowels, whereas the countings follow the same pattern as traditional Hindi.

36 Consonants:          ञा                        क्ष त्र ज्ञ
12 Vowels:           अं अँ
Numbers in Nepali (नेपालीमा अंकहरू):          

Examples of Nepali Typing

dhanyabaad - धन्यवाद

Ma ali ali angrejee bolchhu. - मा अली अली आंग्रेजी बोल्चु।

Ma daaktarkomaa jaanu chha. - मा डाक्टरकोमा जानू छा।

Pheri bhannuhos. - फेरी भन्नहुस।

Yaha basne thhau paunchha? - यहाँ बसने ठाउ पौंछा?

Dherai mahango bhayo. - धेरै महंगो भयो.

K cha Khabar? - के चा खबर?

Ma saikal bahaalmaa lina chahanchhu. - मा सिकल बहलमा लीना चान्छु।

Tyahaan khaanaa paainchha? - त्यहाँ खाना पाइन्छा?

Sas pherna sakdina - सस फेरना सक्दिना

Mero jholaa choree bhayo. - मेरो झोला चोरी भयो।

Ma paisaa saatna chaahanchhu. - मा पैसा सतना चौहानछु।

Ke ma tasbeer khichna sakchhu? - तपाइँको मनपर्ने शब्द के हो?

Haameelaaee chaar ghantaa laagchha. - हामी लाई चार घंटा लाग्छ.

Tapaain kahaanbaata aaunubhaeko ho? - तपैं कहांबाता औनुभाईको हो?

Importance of Nepali typing

If you're planning to visit the Himalayas then I suggest you use this tool or learn a few simple sentences because the native public isn't that great with the English and you must have to pick a mutual mode of communication if you need any kind of help. There are many translators or tourist guides are available in there, but it will surely burn a lot of your pockets to hire them. Instead, you can get help from this tool and save the cost.

Apart from this, the Nepali language is filled with a lot of kind words which are pleasant to hear and people love the accent of Nepali locals. If you have any Nepali friends and you want to surprise them with their accent then this English to Nepali typing tool can help you to amaze your buddies with the exact tone of vocabulary you use in your routine life.

There is no major requirement of the Nepali language as your primary mode of conversation, But it's still great if you do have some knowledge about the local languages.

History of Nepali Typing

Nepali is the major language of Nepal country and its surrounding areas. In some regions, people call it Nepalese, Gurkhali, or Khaskura, depends on their mother tongue. But the meaning remains the same, The wording and the vocabulary are kinds of the same in all areas.

Although Nepali and Hindi have the same properties and consonants, If you're good at Hindi you don't have to worry a bit about learning the Nepali language.

The public of Nepal has more than 125+ active languages in their country, as many tourists love to spend the rest of their lifespan there, but the majority still goes to Nepali with 45% of speakers.

The grammar and vocabulary of the Nepali language are derived from the Indo-Aryan languages from South Asia. It was first adopted in the 12th century AD as in Devanagari alphabet sequences, inspired by the Brahma Script.


As mentioned above, there are more than 100s of languages and each region is specified with their different language. It's hard to list all of them at once place but the reports say, 12 major dialects are as follows;

  • Acchami Dialekhi

  • Baitadeli Darhulai

  • Bajhangi Gandakeli

  • Bajurali Humli

  • Bheri Purbeli

  • Dadelhuri Soradi


Here are some questions which are frequently asked by the viewers, if you also have any other questions like them, you can drop your message and we will post it on the wall soon.

What's the accuracy rate of this English to Nepali typing tool?

This tool has never failed anyone with the results, you can try the tool and check it on your own. The converting speed and the output will surely amaze you.

Why do we use this tool?

It's a free tool you don't have to pay for it so why not give this tool a try. I promise you won't regret this English to Nepali typing in any way.

Is it safe to use the converter?

Yes, totally. You can use this tool as many times as you want and freely use it for serious work also. We don't record any of your wordings or outputs, It's safe to convert and erase your translations without any worry.


So, This was all about this English to Nepali typing converter. I hope you have enjoyed the article, if so, then make a share with your loved ones and let them know about this amazing free website tool. Also, if you have any questions or doubts related to this tool then drop a mail to us. Also Read: English To Gujarati Typing