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English to Persian Typing

As we all know English has a widely spoken language all the world, whereas, Persian is a Western Iranian language that covers the states as; Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan.

But in this modern era, You should have some knowledge about all the cultures and their native languages, Just in case you ever need them. Our tool is going to help you in converting English to Persian typing without any cost.
Learning a new language is a bit hard task for us because it's going to cost a lot of our time and money also. But if you have a tool that can translate your vocabulary into your desired language then nothing can beat the happiness out of it.

Our website is specially designed for users to let them convert their English to the Persian language within an instant interval of time.

How to use this English to Persian text converter

You don't have to read any case study or stream any long-lasting tutorial videos. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you'll know all about the tool within the minutes.

Did I mention this tool is totally free? If not, then you should know that you don't have to pay even a single buck for this tool to work for you. This is going to be totally free without any restrictions on using the tool with a words limit or anything.

The procedure of converting English to Persian text is quite an easy task, all you have to do is write the text and when you hit the spacebar key it will be automatically turned into the English to the Persian language. Let's write down down this into a sequence to let the new users understand it well.

  • First of all, you have to scroll down to the available text area where you have to write your words.

  • Once you start writing keep in mind that make you speed a bit slower than usual and let the tool do his job first.

  • When you write any word, press the spacebar key after it as always and you'll notice that the word is already converted from English to Persian.

  • If not yet, then press the backspace and check wheater the spelling is correct or not, and again hit the spacebar key.

  • That's all for now. There are no other steps to be followed.

Key Features

There are many features you're going to see along with this tool, but here I'm going to mention only a few which are highly demanded and the public should know about them from day one.

It's Free

As I've said a hundred times, It's free you don't have to worry about any charges. Keep using this tool as long as you want and the website won't bother you with any subscription plan or paid plans.

100% Accurate

We don't guarantee the fact but we are sure that you won't find any other alternate option with this accuracy rate in the market. As it's inspired by Google's Translation API and serves fast and reliable results.

Online Tool

You don't need to download any third-party application to begin converting the texts, This online tool has all the features and is reliable with all devices which has a working Internet connection.

Type in the Persian Language

Here, you don't have to type in the Persian language. You just have to write in English words and the tool will convert the wording from English to Persian typing for you.

To perform such actions you have to write the English words as "sobh bekheir' and it will be converted into "صبح بخير' This is how this tool is going to convert all your words.

Sometimes the tool gets confused with multiple meanings, in that case, backspace the word and on the top of the tool, you'll get some suggestions for the word. If your meaning is available in the suggestions area, you can choose it from there and proceed for further steps.

Besides the words, there are some special symbols and characters that are also stored in the additional box to use if needed in an exceptional case.

Examples of Persian Typing

shomâ fârsi sohbat mekunid? - شما فارسي صحبت مي کنيد؟

hale shoma chetor ast? - حال شما چطور است؟

kheili vaghte ke azat khabari nist - خيلي وقته که ازت خبري نيست

esm e shoma chist? - اسم شما چیست؟

shoma ahleh koja hastid? - شما اهل کجا هستيد؟

dust dârid bâ man beraqsid? - دوست داريد با من برقصيد؟

un barâye hameci pul mide - اون براي همه چي پول مي ده

dashtshuee kojast? - دستشويي کجاست؟

gheymatesh chande? - قيمتش چنده؟

ziyaad incaa miyaay? - زیاد اینجا میای؟

lotfan yaddasht konid - لطفا یادداشت کنید

az molaghat-e shomâ khosh vaghtam - از ملاقات شما خوش وقتم

mishe ahesteh tar sohbat konid - ميشه آهسته تر صحبت کنيد؟

ruze xubi dâšte bâšid! - روز خوبي داشته باشيد!

man ra tanha bohzarid! - من را تنها بگذاريد!

History of Persian Typing

Persian, also known by the name Farsi, is derived from the Indo-Iranian subdivisions of the Indo-European languages. This language has a wide base of speakers in only a few countries like; Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, however, 110 million speakers in total.
Earlier, When the state was ruled by the Mongolian and Turkish rulers, The central government decided to adopt Persian as the official language for law and orders.

Old Persian

The creation of the formation of language begins in the 559 to 331BC era, where the lands were occupied by the rulers and Aryans. Aryans were the historical name of modern Iran.

Middle Persian

This was a phase where Persian languages were known with the name Pahlavi, the collapse of the Empire was formed and writing in the history within this stage and with the Middle Persian language.

Modern Persian

The Farsi word was introduced a little earlier than this, The dialects started from the Arab states in a very large number, many more states started using the Farsi as their primary language as it has more flexible vocabulary at that time in comparison to their current language.


Is this a free tool or do we have to pay for the services?

Yes, This is a free tool and provides all of the services for free. You don't have to pay for anything.

Can we download the application of this converter?

No, there is no application available for our services. You must have to visit this website to enjoy the benefits.

Is it safe to use the converter?

Yes, You don; 't have to worry about anything all your data will be safe with you. We don't store anything from you.


This is how you can use this English to Persian typing tool in an effective way. I hope you have learned everything from this article, but still, if you have any questions then drop down your issues into our inbox. Also Read: English To Russian Typing