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English to Russian Typing

Hello visitors! You must be looking for something which can convert your English to Russian typing, am I right? If yes, then you're at the right place. On this website, we have an amazing tool that can help you to perform such actions. This tool is widely popular for its services and thousands of people trust the words. If you're a new member of a city or community where people prefer the Russian language over the English language then you must have to learn a few simple sentences which could save you from big troubles.

In our view, you must bookmark this webpage because you're going to need this a lot in your routine life. English might be the greatest language with billions of speakers but countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and a few more prefer Russian over any other language.

How to use this English to Russian text converter

It is an easy job to learn about this tool, we don't have any long 500-page book or anything. Just a simple tutorial of a maximum of 5 steps and you'll become the master of this tool. Trust my words, and let's begin to learn the features and working of this converter.

  • At the first, you should know how you have to write the words in the tool.

  • Start with one word, add the space key and wait for a bit, the tool will convert the word once you've added the space bar.

  • Now, you can write the further words with the same strategy.

  • This can go up to 10,000 words at a time, which is really close to the term unlimited.

Note- You can not paste anything in the text area, all the words must belong to you and you have to write them along with the converting process.

Type in the Russian Language

The fact is that you really don't have to learn anything about the language, or the vocabulary. Once you write the words in English, they will be converted with the exact meaning from English to Russian Typing. Here's the demo text which you're going to see through this tool, You have to write the sentence like this; "spaSIbo " and it will be converted into "Спасибо".
No other steps to learn, that's all about this tool. If you want to convert a whole paragraph, you can keep writing the texts as shown in the above steps. But you must have to know about some pros & cons of the tool before using it.


It's free and there is no need for a paid subscription or even registration.
Easy buttons to perform actions like copy, paste, and erase tasks to do it quicker.
Supports multiple languages, you can change the settings from the top menu option.


You can't paste the third-party texts in here, you must have to write all the words on your own.
There's an option to copy the texts, but you can't download the file or save the result anywhere else.
Needs an active internet connection.

Examples of Russian Typing

ne za chto - Не за что.

proSHU proSHCHEniya - Прошу прощения.

YA ne poniMAyu - Я не понимаю.

My puteshestvuyem vmeste. - Мы путешествуем вместе.

YA ne govoryU po RUSski - Я не говорю по-Русски.

vi govoRIte po angLIYski? - вы говорите по-Английски?

Bilety v teatr yeshcho yest? - Билеты в театр ещё есть?

gde tuaLET? - Где туалет?

Reys otkladyvayetsya? - Рейс откладывается?

MOzhno chek, poZHAlusta? - Можно чек, пожалуйста?

Mogli by vy mne pomoch? - Могли бы вы мне помочь?

na dvoIH, poZHAlusta - На двоих, пожалуйста

MOzhno meNU poZHAlusta? - Можно меню, пожалуйста?

Otvezite menya po etomu adresu. - Отвезите меня по этому адресу.

gde meTRO? - Где метро?

KARtu, poZHAlusta - Карту, пожалуйста.

Importance of Russian typing

English is one of the popular mediums of communication, but if you're in a country where people prefer the other language over English. Then you just have to learn their local language so the people start liking you and treat you as one of them. Learning Russian is a bit difficult because it has totally different from English. The vowels and use of verbs have different rules in both languages, so you can't revise everything in a single day or even a week.

But, throughout this tool, you can at least play with some regular lines and start learning from there. This way you can save your time and have no pressure on learning new things which keeps you fresh and motivates you every day. Don't rush onto anything, be calm and give it some time because Russian is not easy to learn for anyone. But once you're good to go, you must check out their songs, movies, and drama content, I bet you'll fall for the screen.

History of Russian Typing

Fact says that the Russian language has a history of over 5000+ years, when the Indo-European countries decided to split their ways, many new things were formed. A dozen of new names came into the limelight, new countries were formed and they all have decided to pick their favorite languages for no further guilt. If we talk about the native speaker of Russian, it will be near about 173 million with their primary language and around 120 million with secondary language. 11 states have considered Russian as their official language, the list will be reflected in the below dialects.

After English, Russian is the second most used language on the Internet, the written form of Russian is based on the Cyrillic script. The words and the vocabulary is inspired by Church Slavonic, throughout, the language was not so perfect at that time so many changes were made. On the other hand, it's one of the two major languages used in the International Space Station - NASA.

English has 26 alphabets, where the language Russian has 33 letters. The Russian dictionary recently recorded a total of 430,000 words in their data and a few of them are inspired from many foreign languages to make the literature light and easy for the public. You can relate the language Russian with Greek, as they share many words with the same property. In another way, Russian adopted some of its properties to make grammar flexible.


Here are the dialects of some major regions you might need to know where the Russian language is available or treated as their priority medium of communication.

  • Russia

  • Belarus

  • Kazakhstan

  • Kyrgyzstan

  • Tajikistan

  • Uzbekistan

  • Ukraine

  • Autonomous Republic of Crimea

  • Turkmenistan (inter-ethnic)

  • Moldova

  • Gagauzia

  • Transnistria

  • Abkhazia

  • Artsakh

  • South Ossetia

  • Lugansk People's Republic

  • Donetsk People's Republic


Does this tool have any other languages?

Yes, there are nearly 20+ languages available in this tool that you can convert from your native English texts.

Is it free or do we have to pay for the services?

It's totally free, there are no hidden charges for anything. You can freely enjoy all the benefits as long as you want, without any restrictions.

Can we paste the texts in this tool to convert them?

Sorry, but you can't paste any third-party texts in this tool, if you do so, the tool won't work. It works along with your writing speed and converts the text one after one.


We hope you guys have learned all about the tool, if you still have any doubt in your mind you can drop the query into our inbox. We will be glad to help you out. You can also drop some suggestions if you want any change in the interface or services. Also Read: English To Sanskrit Typing