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English to Sanskrit Typing

Sanskrit is one of the ancient and the greatest language for Indians, as far as for many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The Sanskrit language played a great impact on history, most of the languages we commonly known today are derived or inspired from the Sanskrit. It's hard to read or pronounce words in Sanskrit but the writing form of this language will surely win your heart. Here on this page, we are going to share an online software with you by which you can convert English to Sanskrit typing without having any proper writing skills in the language.

It's too simple to stand and has all the principles of sweetness in it. English has more speakers in comparison to Sanskrit because nobody can speak fluent Sanskrit without practicing it for years. In India, most of the rituals and the priest performing these rituals read the old scriptures which are formed in Sanskrit only. This is why you can consider it as an important role player in Indian culture.

How to use this English to Sanskrit text converter

To begin writing on this English to Sanskrit typing tool, you should learn a few more things about it. Don't worry, we're not going to ask you for any charges here, all the features are free and for security purposes, we didn't put any registration barriers. You can freely visit this website and enjoy the premium services without paying any bucks. So, let's get started with the process.
It's an easy way to handle this software you don't need to be an IT Geek or Internet enthusiast. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you'll get accurate results.

  • Open the website and find the tool, it's below the article.

  • Click on the Input text here field and start writing your texts.

  • When you write the word and hit the space bar after it to write the new word, you'll see that the previous word is already converted from English to the Sanskrit language.

  • This way you can use this tool and translate a whole story.

Online Tool

You don't have to download any application or extension to use this software, it's an online tool and through this website, you can enjoy all the benefits.

Free of Cost

There is no hidden charges or paid subscription of this website, all the services will remain free and anybody can enjoy the benefits without burning the pockets.

Easy to Operate

Most of the useful actions including Copy, Erase, and Edit have a separate button to perform these actions quickly. You don't have to do these operations on your own.

Type in the Sanskrit Language

The sentences you're going to convert through this tool will look like this example text, here I'm going to share the before and after effects of this tool so you could get an idea about the upcoming outputs. First of all, you have to write your English texts, which may looks like this "namo namaḥ" and later when you're done writing and wait for the results, it will appear as "नमो नमः". This is how the formation of English to Sanskrit typing took place.

Also, if your words don't match, sometimes it happens because the language Sanskrit really has some large words which are hard to pronounce in a single shot. In that case, you could pick some alternative synonyms from the suggestions box. This box holds some relevant number of words that share the same vocabulary or spellings but have a different meaning or define different purposes in the line.

For this, you just have to backspace for a single time and enter the space bar again, this way you can get the suggestions box and now your text is waiting for you to pick a perfect word for the replacement.

Examples of Sanskrit Typing

katham asti bhavān? - कथमस्ति भवान्?

bhawatā saha sanyogah santoshakarah - भवता सह संयोगसन्तोषकर

Krupaya Sahaayyam - कृपया सहाय्यम्

kunchikaan ma vismaratu. - कुञ्चिकां मा विस्मरतु।

kutah aaneetavaan? - कुतः आनीतवान?

punah asmaakan milanan kada? - पुनः अस्माकं मिलनं कदा ?

tvarit pariganaayatu - त्वरित परिगनायतु

bahukaalatah prateekshaan karomi - बहुकालतः प्रतीक्षां करोमि

prayatnan karishyaami - प्रयत्नं करिष्यामि

aagachchhatu bhoh, grhan gachchhaamah - आगच्छतु भोःगृहं गच्छामः

asy kin kaaranam? - अस्य किं कारणम् ?

ady bhavatah kaaryakramah kah? - अद्य भवतः कार्यक्रमः कः ?

Turnamarogyamastu - तूर्णमरोग्यमस्तु

ahan paakashaalaayaan paakan karomi. - अहं पाकशालायां पाकं करोमि।

dooradarshan puraat: tisht nahin - दूरदर्शन पुराततिष्ट नहीं।

Importance of Sanskrit typing

If you ask this same question from a monk, we bet he can lecture you about a couple of hours by telling you the benefits of the Sanskrit language and why it's so important in our culture. Facts are, Sanskrit is the oldest language and simplified each feeling into words. You can find words for every possible thing, feeling, or person you could imagine. It has more knowledge of the universe than any living human being or available books, this is the reason why people like to call Sanskrit the mother of all languages.

Still, in the states of India, the schools have Sanskrit as one of the major subjects so the students could learn a bit about the glory of this language. It's all fun learning this language and we suggest you take a look over the free courses if you like them then don't leave the spoon.

On other hand, on the communication level, Sanskirt doesn't play any important roles because nobody has proper knowledge of the vocabulary and knows all the meanings. So you can skip this language if you're preparing a list of communicational languages.

History of Sanskrit Typing

Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages in human evolution. The first appearance of this language came into light was 1500 – 600 BCE, and the change of verges started after that era. If we talk about the most ancient documents, the first name that comes to your mind must be Vedas. As we all know Vedas are composed of the Vedic Sanskrit language and it's the parent of Sanskrit itself. In India, Sanskrit plays a major role in their culture and ancient history. They treat Sanskrit as a holy language because it holds the true knowledge of the universe, which isn't any hoax.
Sanskrit is also known as the mother of all languages because there are plenty of newborn languages which are inspired by Sanskrit, or share the same property as each other. Classical Sanskrit has 48 phonemes, whereas, Vedic Sanskrit has 49. The biggest example of Sanskrit language is the book we all have heard the name "Bhagavad Gita". It was the first manuscript found in the early 19th century.

Vedic Sanskrit (c. 1500–500 BCE).
Mycenaean Greek (c. 1450 BCE)[54] and Ancient Greek (c. 750–400 BCE).
Hittite (c. 1750–1200 BCE).

Vedic Sanskrit

In the earlier centuries, the form of Sanskrit in written was known as Rigveda. The written fundamentals are hard to understand by the scholars, so they decided to evidence the changes and check the stability of the new formation.

Classic Sanskrit

It approaches Hinduism, and Buddhism because at that time these two cultures are more likable and can be found anywhere in Asia. The knowledge of monks and spiritual leaders was recorded in the form of scriptures, which were written in classic Sanskrit. The changes that are seen in the classic were more grammatical solutions and flexible use of sentences.


Are Hindi and Sanskrit the same language?

No, they both are different. You can say Hindi is a child language inspired by Sanskrit. Whereas, Sanskrit is known as the mother of all languages because it gave birth to dozen of languages.

Do you teach the Sanskrit language?

Sorry for that, but we don't have any services to guide or teach our viewers the whole language. You can google it and find several free courses which are good enough to scale your knowledge and improve your skills.

Is this tool 100% accurate?

We can't guarantee that, but the only thing we are sure about is that you won't find any other alternate software for English to Sanskrit typing with this much ability and accurate results.


After reading this whole article we are sure that you must have got a brilliant package today, with interesting features and valuable knowledge about the language. You can drop your questions into our support mail, we will be glad to hear from you.Also Read: English To Hindi Typing