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English to Tamil Typing

This will let you convert your English to Tamil typing without installing any third-party or paying for highly paid tools. Our tool is totally free and helps you convert an unlimited amount of texts without any restrictions.

Here, you don't have to be a tech geek or expert to handle the services, it's an easy to go process where you just have to write your text and it will convert the text for you. No command needed, or any dork requirements, just type and convert. Easy, isn't it? Let's move to the topic for a more relatable guide.

How to use this English to Tamil text converter

As you know, this is a website tool, So you don't have to install any additional apps or extensions. Just visit the website, take out your benefits and bounce back.

We care for our viewers, that's why here is the short-listed procedure of working on this tool with a proper step-by-step guide for everyone.

  • Firstly you have to visit our website, if you like our services, Bookmark it.

  • Scroll down to the text box placed below the guide area.

  • Write your text and add a space bar after every word you write.

  • It will convert the English to Tamil typing in an instant, just after you add the space button.

  • Once you're done with the converter, you can simply copy the text.

Want a demo text? Here's a quick look for an example.
Hello! [Space] Nalamaa?. [Space] - ஹலோ நலாமா?

Type in the Tamil Language

You can use this tool for many reasons, it has pretty much all features which will make you handy for it. You'll feel comfortable and get quick results, which is probably everything we ever want from a thing.
In the above section, we have discussed how you can convert your English to Tamil typing and now I'm going to help you in copying that stuff and paste it to your desired platform.

You ain't doing this for fun, right? There must be some sort of communication lack, or you want to impress your partner with their native speaking. So, follow me to the steps.

Once you're done writing the text and done with converting process, you can directly copy as you always do.
Or, you can tap on the below-mentioned option named "copy to clipboard" to copy all the texts at once without missing any.

After that, you can paste it anywhere your want. There will be no watermark, promotional link, or anything to annoy you. Good luck.

For more goods, you can try Reset options or add a few symbols to your text, as there are many more options buttons are listed together with the tool.

Examples of Tamil typing

Romba Nandri - ரோம்பா நந்த்ரி

Konjam konjam. - கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சம்.

Unga péranna? - உங்க பெரன்னா?

Ungalai santhithathil magizhchi - உங்கலை சாந்திததில் மாகிச்சி

Nalamaa? - நலாமா?

Alo! Nanbaa! - அலோநன்பா!

Unnai rumba izhanthu vittéan. - உன்னாய் ரும்பா izhanthu vittéan.

Enakku udhavi seivienkala? - எனக்கு உதவி சீவென்கலா?

Idhu evvalavu? - இது எவலவா?

Ingu nalla irukka? - இங்கு நல்லா இருக்கா?

Ungalukku ethanai vayasu? - உங்காலுக்கு எத்தனாய் வயசு?

Thirumba sollunga? - திருப்பா சொலுங்கா?

Thamizhil enna solvaarkal? - தமிழில் என்னா சோல்வர்கல்?

Enakku Thamizh pidikkum - எனக்கு தமிஜ் பிடிக்கம்

Importance of Tamil typing

You can use this Language for any purpose if you're traveling through states like; Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, or Kerala. There will be a number of the public who prefer Tamil or their native tongue more than any other language.

You can try hitting with English or Hindi, but if you're good with this tool you don't have to settle down for any less. Communicate with them in their own language and they'll treat you like a family for sure.

Also, there are great stories and movies available in the Tamil language, you must have to take a look at them. And, if you're handy with the tool it will be quite easier for you to understand their words and meanings without rushing the dictionary.

On the other hand, this can be used for texting your male/female friend of Tamil culture to impress them by showing home-like phrases.

Tamil Speakers in the World

There are many districts, states, or even countries with minorities of Tamil language speakers. A few of them are mentions below.

  • Singapore - 188,600

  • Sri Lanka - 5,007,000

  • South Africa - 250,000

  • Malaysia - 1,800,000

  • Tamil Nadu, India - 72,139,000

  • Puducherry - 1,244,500

History of Tamil typing

Tamil is spoken by a majority of South Indians, whereas there are many more states who have around 2% to 7% of Tamil speakers in their regions. But the official state of Tamil speakers in Tamil Nadu and its neighboring states. On the other hand, we talk about other countries, you can count on; Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Mauritius with minorities of speakers.

The record of this language has been found over 2000 years back, with solid literature reviews. In ancient history books, Tamil, considered as Dravidian language was a proto-language adopted from Lord Shiva.

Matter of fact, 3 major stages took place in language formation from the ancient day to today.

Old Tamil

The period of formation was around the 3rd century BC to the 8th century AD. The sculptures were written or formed on the stones of caves or pottery.

Middle Tamil

This covered the old Tamil and takeover his existence by expanding more accurate characteristics and grammatical changes. Just after the 8th century evolved and focused on the present tense rather than any other.

Modern Tamil

When the speakers got a connection with European countries and their language, they found several constant clusters they should work on. The syntax and formatting should be improved, a little less complex structure with more European style punctuations.
In the early 20th century, under the Pure Tamil Movement, the creators removed several Sanskritic elements from Tamil to make it less complex and easy to adopt by anyone.


Is there any word limit in this tool?

No, you can convert as many words as you want without any restrictions. Just make sure that you follow the exact process to make it work.

Can I paste a paragraph to convert it from the tool?

You can't paste any third-party clipboard texts, if you're looking for an exact result then we recommend you to go word-by-word. It will be more accurate and works fine for sure.

How many languages does this tool support?

If you're looking to convert your English to other language typing options, then this tool has around 20 available languages. All of them are working fine, you can take a look over the list from the top menu section.


In the end, I just want you to enjoy the tool and share it with your friends who seem to be needy of this kind of service.
If you have any doubts or questions related to this tool, drop down the comment box. We will assist you with great solutions shortly. Also Read: English To Bengali Typing