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English to Telugu Typing

Telugu might not be as great as English, but it has a great history and millions of speakers in India and nearby territories. In Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana state of India, most of the native public speaks Telugu as their primary language.

This website will let you convert your English to Telugu typing in no time, You just have to write whatever you want in English and it will be converted into the Telugu language. The API of this tool is accurate and serves you the best results among any other tool.

You don't have to rush for anything here, Just write and convert, no need to follow any other steps. Also, the word limits will amaze you, as it's up to 10,000 words which are way more than your stories.

How to use this English to Telugu text converter

As we already know, there are plenty of tools available in the market that claims to be the best in this sort of service. But one thing I want you to know is no other tool has this many flexible options and an easy-to-understand interface.
Once you visit the websites and go down to the tool section, You'll get to know how to convert the texts. You won't need any manual tutorial to explain the things to you, as they are already too simple to understand by a kid.
Still, It's our job to provide words to our precious visitors. So, here are the steps you should follow.

  • The first thing you should do is, scroll to the software are.

  • You'll find a blank space to put texts.

  • Start writing your sentences there, but make sure your speed it slow.

  • No need to press any button, the tool will automatically scan the texts and convert for you.

  • You just have to write the words, nothing more than that.

You can't paste texts from any other program, all the words must be genuinely written in the software box.

Type in the Telugu Language

With this tool you'll never feel lost, we help our viewers to stay on track and guide them according to their needs. Here, in this software you don't have to do any rocket science, just write the words and you'll get the output. Nothing more than this, no additional requirements or instructions for anyone.

But to keep you updated with the tool, we are going to share some demo texts so the new members can seek ideas from the existing results. You start writing your text into the Type Here field, your texts would look like this when you type it in the first place, "Namaskaram" and when the tool converts it into the Telugu language, it will be turned into "నమస్కారం". This way you can get output results from this English to Telugu typing tool.

To clear the results or when you require a fresh start, you can simply click on the Reset button to delete all the history of your converter software. We suggest you do this after every result so you'll feel safe with your data privacy.

Examples of Telugu Typing

exchange rate entha? - మార్పిడి రేటు ఎంత?

dayachesi Ghee/Noona thakkuva chayyagalara? - దయచేసి నెయ్యి/నూన తక్కువా చెయ్యగలరా?

Mee Peru Yenty? - మీ పెరు యేటీ?

Telugu prākṭīs cēddāṁ - తెలుగు ప్రాక్టీస్ చేద్దాం

Nēnu ninnu bas sṭāp ki tīsukeḷtānu. - నేను నిన్ను బస్ స్టాప్ కి తీసుకెళ్తాను.

Naaku debba tagilindi - నాకు దెబ్బ తగిలింది

Table service unda - టేబుల్ సర్వీస్ ఉందా

Ī rātriki kaluddāṁ. -  రాత్రికి కలుద్దాం.

Mee jaagala kookkondra - మీ జాగాల కూక్కొండ్రా

Dayacēsi ī phāram nimpaṇḍi. - దయచేసి  ఫారమ్ నింపండి.

adi chaalaa kamma gaa vundi - అది చాల కమ్మ గా వుంది

Inkokati, dayachesi - ఇంకోకటిదయచేసి

Patam lo chupinchandi - పటం లో చూసింది

Gadhulu khaaliga unnaaya? - గాఢులు కాలిగా ఉన్నాయా?

Ikkada anglamu basha maatlade vaaru evaraina unnara? - ఇక్కడా ఆంగ్లము బాషా మాట్లాడే వారు ఎవరినైనా ఉన్నారా?

Importance of Telugu typing

The Telugu language is one of the best languages we have ever come across, here in this language every word ends with a vowel. It may sound weird but when you're speaking in the perfect tone, you'll fall in love with the vocabulary. Also, officials consider Telugu as the most expressive language because it holds many great words which are enough to describe human feelings in simple words.

Many schools of the southern states are teaching Telugu on their campus to let the students know its beauty and keep this language alive. The structure and grammar of Telugu are so simple that anybody can start learning and within a few weeks he/she will be a fluent speaker. You don't have to worry about grammatical mistakes here, because Telugu doesn't rely on spelling, it's basically a vocabulary and speaking game.

If we talk about the music industry, the Telugu language gave us many big hits in the romantic and love genres. In Karnatic Music, some schools educate students to be poets or become artists from the native Telugu.

History of Telugu Typing

The first record or Telugu language was seen from the history of 400 BCE and 100 BCE, it is a part of the Dravidian language family. It was discovered in the Bhattiprolu area of Andhra Pradesh, India. At first, it was used to draw sculptures on all types of coins available in the market; cold, silver, or iron circles.

In the past, Telugu was quite good at grammatical literate, but as soon as it developed and become familiar to more social, the literature had to compromise with some words and some dialects lost the old touch. When the division of many regions was going, Telugu and Kannada languages shared many common alphabets and formats.

Still, the language is widely popular in many states of India and some other minorities from all around the world. It doesn't matter know how the language was formed, or who discovered it, if you know Telugu, you'll know the beauty of its speaking.

Earlier the written and spoken way of Telugu was totally different from one another, Speaking was way easier for anyone but when it comes to writing, it was in an archaic style which was tough for a normal person to work with. Later, In the 20th century, some changes made the language a bit easier and emerged the standards for both speaking and writing purposes.

Regional Dialects

  • Berad

  • Dasari

  • Dommara

  • East Godaveri

  • Golari

  • Guntur

  • Kamathi

  • Komtao

  • Konda-Reddi

  • Nellore

  • Rayalseema

  • Salewari

  • Srikakula

  • Telangana

  • Telugu

  • Vadaga

  • Vadari

  • Vishakhapatnam

  • Yanadi


Does this website have sponsored posts?

Still, we don't have any sponsorship, all the advertisements you see here are the belongings of Google AdSense. That's the only medium of earning we are currently depending on to make this software active for the users.

Are Telugu and Tamil the same?

No, they both are different languages and can be found in different states of the country India, and some other minority areas on international levels. Telugu belongs to the Andhra Pradesh state of India, whereas Tamil itself shouts the parent name Tamil Nadu.

Do you have a web application for this converter?

Sorry to drop this, but we don't have any application for this English to Telugu typing service. Still, you can take all the benefits from this website and it will work smoothly on every platform with an active Internet connection.


We are trying to make this tool more reliable and effective for the users, so if anybody has any feedback regarding this software, feel free to drop your ideas to us. You can send us emails anytime you want, go to our support section, and leave a mail there. We will be glad to hear your response. Also Read: English To Malayalam Typing